Dedicate Source

  • Dedication in relation to work can be defined as the setting aside the eight hours you are required to work each day, or however many hours you are scheduled to work each day, to do just that work.
  • Dedication is being on time. Dedication is giving 100% of ourself while you're at work, to work it's being productive. Dedication is also doing the best job you possibly can, the first time around. Sure, we all make mistakes, but if you're dedicated to doing the job right the first time, then mistakes will be fewer, and this could mean incredible savings for your employer.
  • Dedication means always wearing a smile and putting the customer first. If you don't deal with customers on a daily basis, then you should treat our co-workers like customers. Smiles and courtesy go a long way, not to mention the fact that they are contagious. There's nothing better than spreading an array of happiness and peace throughout the workplace. It makes for a better work environment.