Mano Technologies Started in November 2014 and performance is Excellent, what has given us pleasure and joy to work is the work environment which lets every individual works and freedom to express and implements. This promotes more ownership and accountability leading to better work output. It grown professionally within the company has increased our exposure and ability to multi-task in a dynamic work environment. It's always been part of a great team agile and keen to do quality work and provide the better results. Improve everyone skills are grown in career and supported in challenging times. It makes everyone feel like a part of a family.

Vision & Values

Our vision

"Our vision gives to a sense of direction and destination. It captures our aspiration of being the best in everything we do. It is the basis for what we stand for as a company".



Taking a proactive stand to create and maintaining a healthy work-life balance for workers.


Committing to good product, service, and other initiatives that impact lives with in and outside the organization.


Contributing to society and demonstrating a corporate social work responsibility.


Respecting the diversity and giving the better of composition. Establishing an employee quality program.


Encouraging employees to take initiative and give the best opportunity Adopting an error-embracing environment to empower employees to lead an make decisions.


Pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to change the whole world.


Acting with honesty and honorable without compromising the truth ideas.


Taking care of the company and employees as they were one's own.


Ensuring the health and safety of peoples and going beyond the legal problems to provide an accident-free workplace in our company.